I offer a range of services at competitive rates, detailed below:

Project Rate per hour
Proofreading £30.00
Copy-editing £36.00
Substance editing £40.00
Substance editing – Weekend £55.00
Project management £45.00

Proofreading entails checking that the final copy is ready for print. This can mean reading against the copy-edited text to ensure all changes have been incorporated or it may mean reading ‘blind’ (not checking it against the original). In addition, other aspects of the proof are checked, including: contents pages, running headers, page numbers, consistency, tables, and illustrations.

Copy-editing entails preparing a text for publication. A line-by-line edit requires checking spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax; but the copy-editor also checks areas such as the logic of the argument, consistency of style, language sensitivity.

Substance/development editing involves rewriting and restructuring the text to ensure logical development of the argument, following a brief outlining the key points to be highlighted.

“Jatinder has done excellent work editing research for Womankind Worldwide.  I was impressed by her ability to keep me up to date with her progress and managing last minute deadlines. I would definitely recommend her editorial services to anyone.”

Barbara Dockalova, researcher