I have worked as an editorial professional for academic and charitable organisations for nearly two decades. My words career began with African Books Collective, an umbrella organisation promoting and disseminating work by Africa-based and African-grown publishers. After post-graduate studies, I moved to the journal publisher Pion and edited academic social science papers, specifically cultural studies, philosophy, and the political sciences, eventually becoming editor of Environment and Planning D: Society and Space.

My interest in international relations led to a career change with an emphasis on working with charities, specifically international non-government organisations. As editor at the conflict prevention and peacebuilding organisation Saferworld, I substance edited and copy-edited reports and policy briefings, managed publication processes, and worked with international teams on communications. At both Pion and Saferworld, English was not the native language of many authors, and so I worked to amend language for better flow in English while retaining the necessary nuance of the original meaning, applying cultural sensitivity to the lived experience of peoples around the world.

I immensely enjoy the collaborative process of working with authors to improve reports and articles, and set up Raining Words to broaden my experience of working with different organisations. I have worked with clients from across the INGO world and am currently the Chief Communications Editor at the Yemen Policy Center.

Jatinder Padda

My client list includes:

African Books Collective

Ammerdown Group

Article 19

Berghof Foundation

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

International Rescue Committee

Human Constanta

London Energy Transformation Initiative

Moonshot CVE


Reuters Institute, University of Oxford


Small Arms Survey

Womankind Worldwide

Yemen Polling Center